Tuesday, February 10, 2015


by Eiry Wave

Our new-found friends -- Ms Flor Susulan and Ms Tah Akari, two of the hopefuls outside the Landbank ATM booth in Jolo today -- can attest to this. They are hoping to withdraw some money.

Ms Susulan is from Bilaan, Talipao, Sulu and is a mother to a 9-month old baby boy. She is here to withdraw the money sent to her grandmother. The money was sent by her aunt.

But she had already attempted each day last week to do that, but to no avail. ATMs in Jolo, Sulu have problems, one or the other.

Majority is closed because of lack of cash to dispense with. Some other is non-functional because of the lack of maintenance team. Still other, decry the lack of 24/7 security. Etc.

Ms Susulan's grandmother was already accusing Ms Susulan of mischief: "Marayi' mu yan tiyakaw na in siyn ku. Maadla na kaw tuud yan," said her grandmother according to Ms Susulan. (Had you already stole my money? You don't see me often these days.)

But Ms Susulan is patient. She is understanding. In fact, she is here again trying her luck today since seven o'clock in the morning.

On the other hand, Ms Tah Akari is from Kaha, Parang, Sulu. She is also married and had a little store near the Masjid in Pitutan, Sulu.

Both our friends are still waiting in line, patiently. Both is spending hundreds of pesos daily for transportation and food expenses while in town just for the purpose of withdrawing their money.

Imagine their lost of time, effort, and money, if these ATM-related problems in Jolo, Sulu are not resolved the soonest possible time. The tamaraw fee for Kaha-Parang-Jolo route is P50, while for Talipao-Jolo is P30. Back and forth, these will be roughly a hundred pesos.

We also heard that the government employees, who are receiving their salaries on the ATM cards, are now giving their cards to loansharks just to support their daily needs. These activities are creating more problems than solutions.

The populace in Jolo​ therefore appeal to whoever is in  authority to alleviate this major concern of the Jolo public.

They will greatly appreciate any initiative.

Be blessed po.


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